Friday, August 31, 2018

Alaskan Adventure (SPSH 2018)

Robbie and I had a great time searching for all the items on the 2018 SPSH when we were in Alaska several weeks ago. Today I'm sharing a favorite for each entry, although I actually found multiple options for several of the items on this year's list!

1. The Rosiness of Red - flowers in the City of Palmer's Heritage Gardens.

2. Stripes - on this United States flag with 49 stars displayed at the Anchorage Museum. Alaska was admitted to the union as the 49th state on January 3, 1959. (Hawaii was admitted later that year as the 50th state.)

3. A Framed View - of Mount Denali from our private outhouse at Camp Denali.

4. Wings - on a seaplane observed from the control tower at the Alaska Aviation Museum.

5. Pedal Power - in front of the Antler Arch in Fairbanks.

6. Glorious Green - view from the Alaska Railroad Goldstar Car on the trip from Anchorage to Seward.

7. An Unexpected Reflection - in the side mirror on our drive from Glenallen to Fairbanks. The sky in front of us was overcast and gray, but the reflection in the mirror shows blue skies (and Robbie taking the photo with his iPhone).

8. A Pile of - crab legs (Jumbo King, Dungeness, and Opilio) for my dinner near Copper River.

9. Looks Smaller Than You - because it's a little distance away enjoying a snack of fresh blueberries in Denali National Park. Do you see it?

It's a grizzly bear!

10. A Field of Plenty - spices, salts and dry pigments. This is one of the pieces on display as part of the special exhibit "Unsettled" at the Anchorage Museum.

11. Pretty in Pink - on the sidewalk in Anchorage.

12. Bells - on display in Palmer. This is the Matanuska Colony St. Mihiel Bell from the ship that transported the first colonist from Minnesota on their way to Alaska.

13. Equal Portions - of earth (containing dirt, sand, gravel & gold!) were brought up with these buckets on Gold Dredge 8 outside of Fairbanks. The material then went through a process of sorting and sifting in order to extract the gold.

14. A Trilogy of Three - stained glass windows inside the Church of 1000 Trees in Palmer.

15. Out of the Blue - sky the plane descended through the clouds to a gray day in Anchorage.

16. Something That Could Be From a Favorite Book/Movie/Song - This statue outside the Anchorage Museum could be Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

17. Re-purposed - oil lanterns turned into d├ęcor on the side of the lodge at Camp Denali.

18. Currency: Coinage or Paper (the odd, the different, the beautiful) - from (almost) every country was tacked up high around the interior of the Anchorage Log Cabin Visitor Center. [Here's a peek at one section; I'll share more photos in a future post.]

19. Picture Postcard Perfect - look at Mount Denali (the highest mountain peak in North America) from outside Potlatch (kitchen & dining room) at Camp Denali. Robbie snapped this photo as we were headed in for breakfast on the first morning of our four night stay in Denali National Park.

20. Mellow Yellow - flowers in Palmer's Heritage Gardens.

How are you doing on the hunt? There's still time to join in - it doesn't end until September 30! 


  1. Wonderful collection. You & Robbie are doing so well with this list. I really don't have a favourite but that framed view (heart) is delightful. Glad you kept your safe distance from the grizzly bear!

    OK on second look, the Picture Perfect Postcard is defo a favourite.

  2. Wow, Alaska was perfect for you and Robbie to hunt down the required shots - brilliant!

  3. Love the framed shot of Denali, but all of your finds are fabulous!

  4. The field of plenty is my favourite ... an incredible sight!

  5. Great job getting the whole list! Your picture postcard perfect is my favorite! :)

  6. you put me to shame, wonderful photos.


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