Friday, October 5, 2018

A Personal Shopper & A Photographer (FUN Field Trip)

The day after our educational field trip, I planned a FUN field trip for my 13-year-old twin nieces - we went shopping! To be perfectly honest, I am not much of a shopper (unless I'm looking for crafty supplies, of course). However, each of the twins has chosen an elective area of study this year that worked perfectly into a shopping field trip.

Paige is interested in being a fashion designer and is studying and improving her sewing skills with plans to create her own designs. Laurie is interested in photography and is studying and learning photo basics and how to use a dSLR camera. I was in need of a few new wardrobe items, so I proposed that Paige act as my personal shopper and Laurie as our photographer. They thought it was a great idea, and (along with their mom, my sister Brenda) we headed out to a local Dillards.

While Paige & I wandered around, I had Laurie snap photos of some of the store displays.

She also caught Paige doing her "job" of finding things for me to try on.

Then I tried on a lot (a lot!) of clothes! Some of them I really liked (and added to my wardrobe), others were ok, and some were definitely not me. But I had FUN trying them all on.

The lighting in the dressing room hallway wasn't all that great, yet Laurie was able to capture some really nice shots. When we reviewed the photos together later, we decided it would be FUN to try another photo shoot with mirrors after we've both learned more about aperture mode!

Brenda also tried on some clothes during our trip. Despite not having a personal shopper like I did, she was able to find a few things to add to her wardrobe, too. I love this photo of the two of us!

My personal shopper was wonderful - not only did she choose outfits, she assisted me with all the trying on and ran back and forth for different sizes and hung things back up and kept our dressing room organized!

And our photographer was fabulous! She even captured this wonderful photo of herself.

My favorite photo of the day isn't technically perfect (with that tricky mirror and all), but it's a great representation of our day - there's me with a perfect braid that Brenda styled before we headed out for our adventure, there's Paige checking out the outfit ready to offer an opinion, and there's Laurie in the mirror snapping away.

I have to admit, I might be more of a shopper if it was always this much FUN!

Do you like to shop? Have you ever tried a personal shopper?


  1. Now that does look like a fun way to go shopping!

  2. What FUN! I've never had a personal shopper, but one of my favorite memories of a shopping experience was when a friend and I went shopping for dresses to wear at a colleague's wedding. We had so much FUN; we laughed so hard we almost cried! (We eventually ended up with lovely dresses for a fantastic wedding, but only one of them came from that shopping excursion.)

  3. What a fun family day out. I'm not much of a clothes shopper either, now put me in the scrapping store & I have no troubles mixing & matching. Brenda did a fab job of your braid! Paige & Laurie are both lucky to have the encouragement to develop their obvious talents into skills.

  4. Looks like a great fun day out. What a pair of useful and talented nieces you have.

  5. FUN! I'm guessing you bought that blue/floral jacket but NOT the cream background/orange floral next to it. Do I win?


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