Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book Review | The Call

The Call: Finding and Fulfilling God's Purpose For Your Life by Os Guiness is divided into 30 chapters designed as daily meditations to help us discern God's purpose for our life.

The author distinguishes between our primary calling as followers of Christ (we are all called to full-time Christian service by Him, to Him and for Him) and our secondary calling (based on our individual giftings and situations). He states that "God normally calls us along the line of our giftedness, but the purpose of giftedness is stewardship and service, not selfishness" and reminds us that "the heart of the life of faith in answer to the call of God is a call to a relationship, and a relationship of love."

This book, which I received free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review, is well-written with lots of practical and historical examples as well as scripture references. The author is obviously well-read and intellectual; so, at times it is slow and difficult to read due to the numerous quotes and theological wording (as you can see in the quote below).

Throughout much of Christian history, the impulse toward reformation has been carried by the voluntary principle and the voluntary movement - whether earlier Catholic movements such as the Benedictine and Franciscan orders or more recent Protestant movements such as missionary societies and some parachurch organizations. These special kinds of reforming voluntary associations were the ecclesiola in ecclesia ("the little church in the large church").

However, I enjoyed the reminder and in-depth look at the invitation of Jesus that is both a call and a charge: "Follow Me."

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