Friday, January 4, 2019

Handmade Canvas Mini-Journal

I've had a strip of canvas in my paper scraps bin for quite a while; so, I was happy to watch a canvas-covered mini-album tutorial during The Life Book Creativity and Well-Being Summit a few months ago.

I folded the canvas in half to create the journal cover and chose other papers in various sizes from my scrap bin to create the album pages. 

To pull everything together, I added pink, yellow and brown watercolor to the individual papers.

I outlined each page with the brown while simply creating different patterns with the pink and yellow on each one.

I didn't follow the tutorial exactly, which created beautiful watercolor backgrounds instead of the playful squiggles and circles I added.

I pulled some embellishments from my scrapbooking and Bible journaling stash to add to some of the pages.

This was a FUN way to use up some scraps and simply enjoy playing with watercolors.

I don't have a specific plan for this album yet - I think it would be great for recording favorite scriptures or prayers. It would also be easy to take on a trip to use to practice lettering or record adventures.

For now, it makes me happy just seeing these happy colors mixed in with my stash of journals ready to use! Do you have a stash of journals? Are any of them handmade?


  1. Such pretty--and happy--colors! I don't often think of pairing pink and yellow, but it's clearly a great combo! Yes, I have a stash of journals, and several beautiful handmade ones I made in a workshop many years ago; guess I ought to pull them out and use them.

  2. Your delight in the playfulness of the making of it rings out loud and clear! Hoping you find a use for it so that you get to look at it more often ...

  3. Oh those are very cheerful - glad you got to play and create :) Look forward to seeing what you find to do with this.

  4. Your colour scheme is marvellous, and it's always a good feeling to use up supplies that reside in the scraps bin!


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