Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hello 2019 | A Year of SIGNIFICANCE!


My word for 2019 is

The word SIGNIFICANCE has been cropping up for me for a couple of months now, and I feel excited and energized to focus on this word as I dive into the Word in 2019 and see what type of SIGNIFICANCE I can make as I follow the Lord's leading and calling.

SIGNIFICANCE means "the quality of being worthy of attention" or "importance." I want to make a difference in my life and in my world – SIGNIFICANT differences in the things that matter and are important. I want to make sure I focus on the important things first each day. Which leads to lots of questions that I'll be pondering here at the beginning of the year:

*How can we live a life of SIGNIFICANCE? 
*What does that even mean? 
*What do we give our attention to?
*Are these the most SIGNIFICANT things?
*What is worthy of our time? 
*How can we structure our days to make SIGNIFICANT differences in all areas of our lives?

Scripture teaches us so much about how to live a life of SIGNIFICANCE. The Lord has not left us to wonder what is important or where to focus our attention; He gives us clear directions and powerful examples throughout His Word. This coming weekend, I'll be teaching my first illustrated Bible journaling classes of 2019. We'll be looking at the greatest commandments and discussing how we can follow these laws in our everyday lives as we make choices that have a positive impact on our lives and in the world around us! 

Throughout 2019, I'll be sharing my journey with this word in blog posts, newsletters, and Facebook live videos.

Have you chosen a word for 2019? How will you be documenting and sharing about your word throughout the year?


  1. I've chosen a word, and now just need to find the time to write up a blog post. It's been very busy here with family and friends, and now we're readying ourselves for three weeks away with Sarah and her family! Hoping to get it all together before we leave, but more likely it will happen once we're in Wisconsin. I like your word, not one I would have thought of, and am anxious to follow along with you in 2019. Happy New Year to you and Robbie!

  2. Great OLW for you Melissa - I wish you much joy with the word throughout 2019. I'm staying with my OLW from 2018 - Focus.

  3. Happy New Year Melissa! I'll be documenting my OLW in preset pages within my daily planner. I'm looking forward to having it all in one place this year and not fussing with stamps and things that made the documenting too time-consuming in 2018. Now I need to get my own blog post done! :)

  4. That's a really interesting word - and looks as if it is going to be fruitful and rich in layers this year. Hoping those classes go really well for you and your attendees.

  5. I think that's a good word for you ... as Alexa said, many layers. I'm sure that your new Bible journaling classes will be a huge success!


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