Thursday, January 17, 2019

Take Three Thursday | Food Photos

Joining in with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday, a meme designed to help us notice more of the ordinary of our lives.

This week as I uploaded photos from my cell phone, I noticed I haven't taken many photos these first few weeks of 2019. However, I obviously can't resist snapping great food photos!

We started the year with Robbie's "Banff French Toast" and a side of sausage (for him) or bacon (for me).

As I was headed into the library last week, I took a quick peek at the cafe's cookies. They were showing their Cowboys spirit! 

This past weekend, Robbie tried a new breakfast recipe - hash brown egg pizza. It was yummy!

What foods have you noticed and/or enjoyed lately?


  1. Thanks for joining in Melissa. Food, all favourites of mine - when we go out for a meal it is usually for breakfast. My favourite breakfast from the Banff Springs Hotel was their Eggs Benedict - I like a well egged & stuffed French Toast, ummm. Talented cookie maker!

  2. That french toast looks totally decadent! I'm getting ready to cut all bread, pasta, and sugar beginning Saturday.

  3. As I don't eat eggs (I have an intolerance), neither savoury dish is appealing to me!

  4. What makes this French toast different? We obviously missed that in Banff! Like Mary-Lou, my favorite breakfast dish out is Eggs Benedict. The best ever were at a place in Wilmette, not far from where Sarah used to live. We were down there on Tuesday, but out to lunch with a friend, so no eggs.

  5. The hash pizza looks like something that Wookie and the kids would enjoy. Like Karen I wonder what makes this French toast different?

    I like pancakes with crispy bacon and real maple syrup.

  6. The "Banff French Toast" includes a mixture of cream cheese and fresh fruit, sandwiched between two pieces of bread then dredged in an egg mixture & fried, rather than one piece of bread & no filling :) - we first encountered this delicacy in Banff, so that's how we came up with the name.


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