Thursday, January 24, 2019

TakeThree Thursday | Lunar Eclipse

We hadn't really planned to watch the total lunar eclipse this past Sunday night; however, we had a perfect view from our back patio. It was cold, so I just stepped outside from time to time to take a peek.

At about 10:40, the earth's shadow was beginning to creep over the moon, so I grabbed the camera and took a photo … which turned out less than stellar.

I decided not to worry about taking photos, but, when I stepped back outside an hour later and the eclipse was almost total, I really wanted a photo of the red moon. I grabbed the camera again … and realized I'm terrible at holding it still. (No, this is not one of those nice time lapse photos showing up everywhere, this is one snap of a very unstable camera!)

Finally, Robbie grabbed the tri-pod, and I was able to get a much better shot!

Did you watch and/or photograph the lunar eclipse?

Joining in with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday, a meme designed to help us notice more of the ordinary of our lives.


  1. Oh that's a lovely third photo - no, it was 5am here and both Wookie & I decided that was just too early. Enjoyed seeing everyone's photos tho'.

  2. Yep, a tripod is almost always a must for a moon shot. Robbie's is fantastic! I thought it was too cloudy to see here, so I went to bed, but Tracy and Adam both saw it.

  3. Melissa glad you joined in for Take Three Thursday. Your photos of the Blood Moon eclipse are stunning - yeah to Robbie's rescue with the tripod.

  4. That last shot is lovely ... well done to Robbie for grabbing the tripod!


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