Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Stitch Fix Wardrobe Updates

It's been a while since I received a Stitch Fix and several years since my first Fix. With all the decluttering we've done this year, I decided to sign up for regular Fixes for a few months in order to update my wardrobe, and I've been pleasantly surprised with each box. I haven't taken photos of everything I've kept, but here are a few of my favorites.

I liked this long-sleeve sweater when I pulled it out of the box ... until I saw the brown elbow patches. I wasn't sure if it would fit in my wardrobe; then I realized the patches matched my brown boots (although the photo doesn't show it well). The sweater and the jeans were two of the items I kept from a Fix early in February. I wore this outfit for one of my teaching engagements and it was extremely comfortable.

As we moved in to spring here in Texas, I was excited to receive some FUN items in my last Fix. I'm already enjoying these capris (they are so comfortable!) and am sure this light weight blouse will be a favorite throughout the spring and summer.

But my favorite item so far is this pair of FUN Keds!

Have you tried Stitch Fix?

(If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try and link from my post, you'll receive a $25 credit toward your first Fix and I'll earn a $25 credit as part of their referral service! However, I haven't received any incentive from Stitch Fix for this post.)


  1. I did not have much luck when I tried Stitch Fix. For example, I'd asked for a dress to wear to church (and explained that I needed it knee length or longer). The dress options I got were way above the knee. It was if no one was listening when they sent clothes to me.

  2. I love to shop, so Stitch Fix isn't for me. My daughter loves it, and uses it for all four members of her family. She's gotten some great outfits.

  3. I've seen other bloggers mention Stitch Fix ... I quite like the idea of it, but I'm not a regular clothes shopper, so I'm probably not a match to their ideal demographic. Also, I don't think it's available in the UK?

  4. PS: you do look great in your outfits, though!

  5. Never heard of Stitch Fix. I'll check it out online to see the buzz. Right now it's about down sizing my wardrobe (col). I doubt it's available in Canada though, but who knows ...

  6. Of course, I have seen Stitch Fix advertised a good deal, but you are now the second friend that has said she used it. So my first box will now be on the way. Thanks for giving me the nudge.


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