Thursday, April 4, 2019

Take Three Thursday | Yeah Me* Screenshots

Many years ago, I read a suggestion for an activity that I continue today. I don't remember where I read it, or exactly what it said, but the gist was to have a file or place to keep complimentary notes or awards or memories that would lift us up and remind us of the difference we make in other's lives. I've read something similar in business books and self-help books alike. I think there have been names for this practice, but I can't recall them.

I call my collection of notes and reminders the Yeah Me* File! Yes, I know it's a little goofy, but it totally makes me happy. My original file was a folder in my desk with actual handwritten letters or cards I received beginning when I was a teenager. Many of those items are still filed away somewhere or have been added to scrapbooks over the years.

These days it seems most of the items I'd consider a "yeah me*" item are electronic, so I've begun capturing screen shots that I can scroll through on those days when I wonder if anything I'm doing is of SIGNIFICANCE. Processing some recent photos this week, I noticed these three gems.

Huge thanks to my niece, my sister, and my friend for taking time to send these notes! They are a great reminder to me to take time to encourage and thank and check on others!

Do you have a Yeah Me file? What have you added to it lately?

Joining in with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday, a meme designed to help us notice more of the ordinary of our lives. What are you noticing this week?


  1. A sunshiney personality to describe you is perfect! I love the idea of a Yeah Me file - a sourpuss told me recently that I was all about me, so why not flaunt it!

  2. Very sound advice Melissa. It's good to have those uplifting messages saved for the less than joyous moments that come upon us. I collect motivational quotes & have a Pinterest board just for them. Thanks for joining into Take Three Thursday.

  3. Ahhh, how lovely! and well-deserved. "Sunshiney" just suits you perfectly :).


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