Thursday, May 9, 2019

Take Three Thursday | How To Style A Mantel

I've actually got three groups of three photos today because I want to share some fabulous mantel styles from our favorite bed & breakfast. Fall Farm Country Inn is located in Mineola, Texas, and Carol Fall's decorating style is both beautiful and welcoming - it makes us want to just take it all in and snuggle up in a comfy chair to read beside an open window or by one of the beautiful lamps Carol has strategically placed throughout the inn!

There are quite a few mantels that demonstrate Carol's eye for design. This first one accompanies the fireplace in a lovely sitting area in the front of the house. I especially like how colorful this one is!

A closer looks shows Carol's wonderful ability to group items; her eye for color and scale and variety makes every space exude welcome.

The corners on each side of the fireplace offer a cozy place to read and relax.

This next mantel is freestanding (no fireplace in sight) and is located across from the kitchen. Once again there's lots of color and variety.

I really like how the arrangements include artwork and everyday items (plates, teacup & saucer) as well as crafty pieces (painted pinecones).

The blue chest under this mantel adds a pop of color and another area for creating a nice grouping. Since this is near the kitchen, these books are cookbooks, but there are lots (lots!) of books scattered throughout the inn, all of them inviting you to find a spot and read a while.

And here are three more of my favorites. This lovely freestanding mantel is in the Fall Suite, where Robbie and I enjoyed a relaxing time over the Easter weekend.

There's even a freestanding mantel outside near the entrance to the innkeeper's residence. This one may appear a little simpler, but it still contains all those wonderful components - color and scale and interesting elements grouped together, and a place to sit and visit!

This last one isn't actually a mantel. I think it's a large sideboard. However, it's another great example of using different elements and groupings to create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere!

What do you think? Are you inspired to re-style your mantel now? (I've got several ideas I want to try, so watch for a future post with a fresh look at our mantel.)

Joining in with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday, a meme designed to help us notice more of the ordinary of our lives. 


  1. I change up my mantle every season, sometimes more frequently. I have a much more minimalist style although I do appreciate all the wonderful items showcased on these.

  2. The blue of that first mantel is glorious!

  3. Thanks Melissa for joining into Take Three Thursday. Styling a mantle is much like styling a bookcase & takes a knack for sure.

  4. Oh I love looking at those mantels, the first is by far my favorite. It took me quite a while to get my current mantel just the way I wanted, so I don't plan on changing it up anytime soon. I do tend to move things around on the bookshelves to either side of it, though.


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