Thursday, October 31, 2019

Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

A gratitude practice is something we do repeatedly and regularly in order to improve our ability to see and recognize the gifts and blessings in our lives. It is a way of approaching life intentionally and having a sense of wonder, of thankfulness and of appreciation. The practice may be saying a prayer of thanksgiving each morning or taking a weekly walk in nature while meditating on the good things in life or writing down the things you are grateful for each day.

Individuals have practiced gratitude for centuries, but it's become even more prominent as study after study confirms the physical, emotional and relational benefits of gratitude.

This article shares the following benefits of gratitude for the individual:

  • increased happiness and positive mood
  • more satisfaction with life
  • less materialistic
  • less likely to experience burnout
  • better physical health
  • better sleep
  • less fatigue
  • lower levels of cellular inflammation
  • greater resiliency
  • encourages the development of patience, humility, and wisdom

That's a list of benefits that sounds pretty good to me!

I'll be using this FUN free-standing gratitude album as I practice gratitude throughout the upcoming month of November.

This album has pocket page protectors, and I've used the kit materials to create cards for each day of November. 

My plan is to record something I'm grateful for each day by simply pulling out the card and writing in one or two items.

I'm looking forward to practicing gratitude with this FUN album!

Do you have a gratitude practice? Will you be recording the things you're thankful for this November?


  1. Your project is looking quite creative & reflective. I do have a nightly gratitude practice of writing down at least 3 things I am grateful for & a morning before getting out of bed of saying thankful for the gift of "today". I am just wrapping up my 31 Days of Grateful.

  2. Yes, I do. It differs from time to time. This month I'm being more intentional of getting it down on paper. I've started drafting the gratitude entries on Word while I catch up on the Get It Down class I just finished. I want to use the same journal.

  3. I like the way you put this gratitude journal together! Looks like a fun project.


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