Monday, February 24, 2020

Scrapbooking | Grandy's Kitchen

Quite a few years ago, we came across the owner's manual for the kitchen stove Robbie's grandparent's purchased in 1959, five years before Robbie was born. He has many wonderful memories of his Grandy cooking on it, so I was thrilled when we found a photo of her standing in front of that stove back in 1975. I finally paired those two items with some papers from Authentique's Ingredient collection to create a two-page layout for Robbie's family album.

I made a copy of the stove diagram from inside the owner's manual to include on the left page, and placed the entire manual inside a clear pocket on the right page. Grandy had even tucked a few repair receipts inside the manual. She cooked on this stove until she passed away in 1986.

Robbie hand wrote the journaling, which reads:

Grandy in the kitchen! She loved to cook (and was superb at it). I suppose that's where my love of cooking comes from? So many  memories of her in her kitchen cooking something the whole family liked: "Little Pizzas" "Potato Salad" and homemade pickles, canned green beans, tomato juice, and others too numerous to mention. Tommy continues to can green beans in the same kitchen and we both make her same recipes. ~RFG

Do you have any old memorabilia lying around that you could pair with a photo and some memories?


  1. What a wonderful way to record that story and to have Robbie write the journaling!

  2. That's a great story & better for Robbie writing the memories himself. Bonus having the actual manual for the stove.

  3. Just perfect!!! I love everything about it, but particularly the fact that Robbie did the journaling.

  4. These are pages to treasure - the epitome of what scrapbooking should be - matching memories to photos and adding ephemera to tell the story. Yay for your hubby's journaling!

  5. Such super pages and just the kind of.memories that are important to share and pass down. I am sure Grandy would be tickled pink! Lovely you could do it together ...


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