Friday, March 13, 2020

New York Times Puzzle

My niece gave us a puzzle for Christmas (in 2018!) - it's the front page of the New York Times the day we were married in 2001! This was such a unique gift and would be perfect for birthdays or anniversaries, etc. (You can purchase your own here:

We finally put the puzzle together (after I re-discovered it cleaning off my craft room window ledge)! The photos and headlines and line divisions went together pretty quickly...but all that text took a little longer.

It's so interesting to read and remember the headlines during that time. We were married the December after the attacks on 9-11, so much of the news surrounded that ongoing conflict. The lower right article about the shoe bomber reminded me that going through security for our flight to Banff (where we were married) was the first time either of us had to take our shoes off. It seems so commonplace now, but it was a brand new security measure at the time.

Once the puzzle was together, I had an INSPIRATION and decided to make a small modification. Do you see it?

Here's a look at the two versions side-by-side.

Yes, I decided that our wedding was much more newsworthy than those after-Christmas shoppers. I printed the photo and caption onto glossy paper and added the puzzle piece edit, so it blends in pretty well, don't you think?

I had the puzzle matted and framed at Hobby Lobby, so it now hangs in our front room.

When I texted my niece to tell her how thrilled I am with this gift, her response brought tears to my eyes.

What's one of your all-time favorite unique gifts? 


  1. Your revision of the front page is brilliant!

  2. That is such a fabulous gift and it's looks wonderful in its frame!
    One of my all-time favourite unique gifts? Those letters:

  3. What a clever transformation! I love that you did that and then framed it. Lucky for you there was such an obvious place to swap out a photo!

  4. What a great gift & I like how you made it more personal. Interesting that you could get such a perfect match of the puzzle on your photo.

  5. That is so cool! And your love story is special - front page special!


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