Saturday, April 18, 2020

Art Journaling | Where Are All The People?

Have you seen any of those photos/videos with popular locations completely devoid of people? 

Places like Times Square or the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls. Places where (typically) it's almost impossible to take a photo without a multitude of strangers in the background. Places like the Alamo or Disneyland or Trafalgar Square. Places tourists travel to and families visit on vacation and friends meetup.

This art journal page was inspired by those images devoid of people and a small cityscape drawing in a magazine I was perusing. There were people on the city streets in that little example, but my page reflects the current state of affairs around the world.

Robbie and I have visited all the places mentioned above and it's hard for me to imagine them empty and quiet. Yet, this is another example of our world has come together to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect those most vulnerable.

After I texted my sister Brenda a snapshot of my page, she created a similar page in the journal she's working in this year.

I wonder how things will be when the coronavirus restrictions and guidelines are loosened. Will these places be filled with people again right away? Or will it take time for us to feel comfortable in large groups again?  Will tourists and families rush to plan their next adventure? Or will we all stay closer to home and avoid crowded venues?


  1. Both you & your sister have created some very nice pieces of art. I know for our area, the physical distancing rules will be in place throughout the summer. I hope that world moves slowly on the relaxation of the lock-downs. If anything in history teaches us anything, the pandemic of 1918 showed us that too soon a release of protocols for physical distancing is disastrous.

  2. It's a good question Melissa. I think it is going to be a mix - there are people already so fed up with the social isolation and not being able to work that they are willing to risk everything to protest in a large group... and there are the people who stocked up for a month and won't even go to the grocery store with a mask. I fall somewhere in the middle of that mix. I'm still praying that our family vacation to the shore in mid-June will happen, although it is looking less and less likely. I think there will be enough cabin fever that people will come out.

  3. Lovely, thoughtful pieces - and a great momento of this time. I saw some of those photos and it was eerie ... I'm not sure how people will react. Over here there is a lot of fear, as seemingly healthy people have suddenly deteriorated and died at home within a day or night. I myself notice that I don't like it when people are on the edge of the six feet limit - further away feels better!


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!