Thursday, April 9, 2020

COVID-19 | Words & Quotes & Such

The last few months have brought about a huge change in the things we talk about and the things we do (or don't do!).

It's difficult to remember that it's really been less than two months since many of us began using words like COVID-19, coronavirus, pandemic, flattening the curve, and social distancing in our everyday conversations. There are now people who are sheltering-in-place, in isolation, quarantined, or on lockdown. Our actions are based on governmental recommendations or mandates or official orders or guidelines we've never had before. Panic buying has left shelves bare of essentials like bread and eggs and disinfectants ... and (of all things) toilet paper. Borders have been closed, schools have been closed, nonessential businesses have been closed, churches have been closed. And let's not forget Black Monday (March 16, 2020) when the largest stock market drop in history occurred, breaking the record that had been set the previous Friday!

We now wash our hands for 20 seconds, stand 6 feet from the nearest person, prepare for another 30 days to slow the spread, avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, and stay isolated for 14 days if we've been exposed to COVID-19! We watch the number of coronavirus cases and deaths rise each day and try to interpret those graphs and pray all these measures truly are flattening the curve.

Many individuals are now working from home, teachers and students are adapting to online classrooms, groups are meeting via Zoom or WebEx, families are communicating through telephone, text, and Facetime. Social media platforms and television programs are providing interaction and entertainment for many.

It's an awful lot to take in, isn't it? Yet, things continue to move forward and hope is still prevalent. Some of these things are beginning to feel more commonplace, although I agree with Ruth's comment in mid-March that "life feels ominous but semi-normal." And, like Mary-Lou commented recently, I "wonder what books will be written about this time in the world, the health & wealth of COVID-19." 

Will we look back at this time and grieve the losses, celebrate the way our world came together to fight this disease, and remember not to take for granted each moment of joy and freedom? Or will we look back and criticize the way the government handled this unprecedented situation, mourn the time and income we "lost" waiting for it to be over, and harbor resentment toward others caught up in this same predicament?

Honestly, I pray the Lord is using this time to draw individuals to Himself, to heal family relationships, to remind us of the things that are most important, and to prepare us for the end of this pandemic and the return to our "normal" lives. My prayer is that we'll look back and find the positives, learn from the negatives, and never forget those who worked and fought this disease on the front lines every day! 

I also hope we'll eventually be able to look back and laugh at a few things because humor is a great healer. In fact, I hope the following videos will bring a little laughter into your day right now!

P.S. You can read more about how we're fairing during this pandemic over on Ruth's blog today as I share what's going on here in our Texas home.


  1. Such a well articulated post here (and over on my blog) today. I admit to struggling over the last 24 hours - I think it's a case of a simple overload of information and none of it being good.

  2. What I've read about other pandemics that have occurred, most of what was said from experts, we waited too long, we didn't do enough. Let's hope that what history says about this pandemic is that we did our best, each & every one of us.

    Happy Easter Melissa & Robbie.

  3. Thank you for sharing

    Happy Easter


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