Thursday, April 23, 2020

OLW 2020 | I Am Learning . . .

The third journaling prompt this month in the One Little Word workshop is I AM LEARNING, which I wrote about on a blank page in my 2020 planner. (The fourth prompt is I AM SAYING YES TO, but I feel like what I've already recorded in the first three prompts covers similar ground, so I'm skipping it.)

What are you learning currently?


  1. I'm learning that I am not cut out to be a school teacher ... but, deep down, I already knew that!

  2. I like this prompt. This time can be so useful in learning many more things than we thought we were capable of. I might lift this idea into my own OLW. I like your Washi tape.

  3. Loved catching up here today. Your OLW pages (love that you incorporated in your planner) are great! I did the 4x6 cards, but still have to do this week's. I haven't allowed myself much time for creativity at all, which needs to change.


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