Saturday, April 11, 2020

Scrapbooking | 2019

As I was organizing my in-progress chronological scrapbook albums earlier this year, I realized that I had not created any layouts at all for the entire year of 2019!

Well, actually I'd started a digital layout about the 10K walk my niece and I completed on June 1. So, I pulled that up and added the remaining elements and journaling to complete the first 2019 layout.

Journaling reads: When I read a little snippet that people who's age ends in "9" tend to be more adventurous & try new things, I joked with Nichole that we should do something while she was 29 & I was 49. Three days before her 30th birthday, we spent 2 3/4 hours & 16,000 steps completing a 10k walk on a very hot day! (70s when we started - 90s when we finished) Nichole wanted to visit Waco, where she'd spent quite a few years growing up. Nichole's first 10k walk...and I felt great that I could keep up with someone 20 years younger than me! Such a FUN day!

I also had a piece of inspiration that I pulled from a magazine that I knew would work perfect for two photos from the TET party we attended last year. I printed the photos here at home and enjoyed creating lots of layers to create this second layout for 2019.

It's not much, but at least I now have a start on preserving our memories from 2019!


  1. What a great layout reminders for two important memories.

  2. Two more than you had before, so well done ... and they're both lovely.


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