Saturday, April 4, 2020

Scrapbooking | January & February 2020 Scrapped

The day I visited my parents in January, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of them on their cell phones, which I printed as a 5x7 for this FUN layout.

Journaling reads: Mama & Daddy haven't had their smart phones very long, but they've certainly embraced texting and taking photos and even play games on their phones. They might occasionally make a phone call, too!

When my nephew had confirmed that they could stop by for an overnight visit a few days later, he made sure to pack a few games! After my parents headed home and my (then pregnant) niece-in-law went to bed, my nephew, great-nephew and I stayed up pretty late visiting and playing board games.

There were so many photos from my twin nieces' birthday party a few weeks later that I created a two-page digital layout using a template that allowed me to use many of them.

At the party, Robbie also snapped some FUN photos of me and my older sister. One of the twins edited the best photo, adding the word "sisters" down the left side to camouflage other people in the background and a heart to fill in the space in front of us. I knew this photo deserved a layout of its own!

The topic of this final layout is one that I probably wouldn't have scrapbooked except that it happened on Valentine's Day. Since we have a history of non-traditional Valentine's Days, I couldn't resist creating a quick layout.

As you can see from these layouts (and my previous ones HERE and HERE), we were able to have time with almost every member of my family before the coronavirus shut down nonessential travel!

Who are you glad you had a visit with before the stay-at-home orders began?


  1. You really packed the photos into your digital spread - looks great! And you first one I liked especially - such fun to catch them like this. I'm glad we got to Germany to visit my son and family there at the start of March.

  2. The layout of your parents brought a smile to my face. A wonderful record of your trip but of our times - cell phones, who would have thought!! The rest of your layouts are great reminders of regular days, the important times. I was glad to get a visit in with my friend, we had celebration tea together to mark the occasion of her last radiation treatment.

  3. You have been productive ... the layout of your parents made me laugh, especially when I read 'occasionally' as 'accidentally'!


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