Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Scrapbooking | Two-Page Kits

Very early in March, right before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, I created a new two-page scrapbook kit for our local scrapbook store. The kit includes cardstock, papers from Authentique's Endless Collection, sequins (a mix of teal & seashells), ribbon, and old book pages.

This kit was inspired by photos from our trip to Point Dume back in 2016. This was a FUN kit to put together, and, fortunately, it was almost sold out within just a few days!

At that same time, I purchased a kit created by my friend Brenda Normand. I couldn't resist the sunflowers in this one! I printed an assortment of photos from 2019 in black & white and exchanged the butterfly embellishments that came with the kit for smaller ones.

I was having so much FUN with these kits that I pulled some coordinating papers from my stash and created another one. Unfortunately, the orders to stay at home went in to effect before I could take the kits to the store.

One again, I printed my photos in black and white; beginning with our wedding photo, followed by a shot of us on our 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversaries.

Organizing in my craft room this past month, I found a couple of other page kits (from a previous Scrapbook Expo convention) that I'll be putting together soon.

Have you used any two-page kits lately? Which one of the three I've shared here do you like best?


  1. Lovely pages, as always. Isn't it amazing what we rediscover when we tidy up our craft spaces!

  2. These are wonderful. I can see that Edge of Water one being very popular. Over the past 6 months I have gotten into the habit of making up 2 page base layouts - now I have over 100 waiting for photos, and that's after I sold about 30 sets through my LSS. I guess currently I enjoy the playing with paper part more than the telling stories with photos part. No doubt that will change again soon - I tend to run in streaks.

  3. It does look like you are having fun with the tidying/creating. No favourites, all three are lovely.


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