Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Scrapbooking | A Scrapbooking Challenge

On (inter)National Scrapbook Day last month, I participated in a FUN virtual crop and enjoyed the following 9-step scrapbook challenge posted by the crop host (a friend of a friend). If you're looking for inspiration to get scrapping, try this out!

Step 1 - gather your supplies
2 sheets cardstock, 5 patterned papers, 1 piece of ribbon (at least 15"), washi tape (or something similar), 5 buttons, circle embellishment (or circle cutter/punch to create your own), title for your page (either alphabet stickers or die cut letters)

Step 2 - cut 3 mats and one journal spot from 1 sheet of cardstock 
(match to fit the size pics you want).

Step 3 - Cut pattern papers into various sizes 

Step 4 - Create a border on your cardstock
use a strip of patterned paper, washi tape, and ribbon

Step 5 - If you do not have a circle embellishment, create it now

Step 6 - layer your patterned paper pieces in various directions on the cardstock piece

Step 7 - Add your photo mats, circle embellishment, and title

Step 8 - Add buttons & choice of embellishment

Step 9 - Add photos, memorabilia & journaling


  1. That's a fun way to create a page!

  2. Well you certainly rocked out that challenge.

  3. Nice layout - starting with a list of ingredients is a fun way to play. I might have to try this soon.


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