Saturday, May 30, 2020

Scrapbooking | Me* Right Now Mini-Album

One of the projects Stacy Julian encouraged us to do earlier this year in the 20in20 class is a mini-album focused on ourselves. She shared several options and ideas, and I finally took the plunge and created an album about me right now.

I used one of the 4x4 Story Starter Albums from the Story by Stacy line and added a strip of colorful washi tape and a title block to the cover.

I continued the washi tape on the inside front cover & included one of the quote cards that came with the Story Starter kit.

For each of the interior pages, I chose a favorite photo and stamped the two-word journaling prompt that came from the i.scrap workshop back in 2011. (You can listen to me reading my i.scrap introspective journaling HERE and see my album pages HERE.) This smaller format was perfect for a look at what's happening in my life right now.

The final page includes another photo and the date this project was completed.

This was a FUN project! In preparation I read back through my i.scrap album from ten years ago and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how things have changed (and in some instances stayed the same). Now I have another album to look back on in future years!

Have you recorded information about you right now?


  1. A great completed project. In a year it will be interesting to look back on this, The Great Pause, & reflect on what we learnt about ourselves, our world, recording many of your thoughts & feelings will make for interesting reading.

  2. That's a fab little project - far too often, we scrappers forget to include ourselves in the story (and I love that opening quotation).


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