Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Scrapbooking | The Problem with the Fair

We don't attend the Texas State Fair every year, but it's always a lot of FUN when we do! And therein lies the problem ... we end up with quite a few photos and stories, all of which I want to add to our scrapbooks. So, there's just no way to get everything on one layout!

For our day in 2012, I ended up with six layouts. The schedule of events booklet cover provided the title block for my first layout, which was inspired by a January 2020 PageMap and showcases photos of Big Tex (of course).

I used another January PageMap for a layout with three photos featuring the 216-foot tall Texas Star Ferris Wheel.

You'll notice the same blue cardstock background on all the fair pages, including this one with a grid of square photos.

One of my favorite parts of a day at the fair is enjoying some cotton candy, and these two FUN photos needed a layout of their own (inspired by a February 2020 PageMap).

As with most other outings, a day at the fair requires some sort of bag or tote to carry all the things we'll need (sunscreen, water) and the things we'll buy. You can see from the photo below that my friend Lynda and I let our hubbies carry all the bags (and boxes, too, in this case).

And one final layout showcases photos of our friends and the thank you note we received after our FUN day together.

I'm so excited to have these photos and stories scrapped ... even if I couldn't get them all one one page!


  1. The square grid is a perfect way to get a lot of photos on one page. I like how you highlighted the middle photo. It's good to get these recorded as it's likely the fairs won't be in business at least for this year.

  2. What a fabulous day out ... I was momentarily distracted by the size of that pig!

    1. LOL Ruth - I know, right! It was huge ... and then there were teeny tiny ones racing (in the bottom middle grid photo).

  3. So much fun deserves a lot of pages. I love that your cotton candy page featured so much lovely pink!

  4. Great layouts. Like Ruth, I was drawn to looking at the very large pig & yes I did notice those racing piggies. I also immediately thought of Cam from Modern Family.


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