Tuesday, June 2, 2020

20in20 | Project Completions 11-20

As we enter the summer months here in Texas, I'm excited to report that I've completed another TEN scrapbooking projects using Stacy Julian's definition of a project: "An activity that has a beginning and an end. It ends when the purpose has been achieved." My projects fall into three categories based on the time/effort requirement: Quick, Moderate, or Intensive. (You can check out my first ten completions of the year HERE.)

Quick Project Completions

1. April Mantel Display + stories about items posted on blog.

2. May Mantel Display + stories about items posted on blog.

3. The Edge of Water two-page layout kits created for sale at our local scrapbook store, Personal Scrapbook. (This kit is sold out at the store.)

4. LOVE two-page layout kits created for sale at Personal Scrapbook. (There are still a few of these kits available for in-store pickup in Allen, Texas, or call 972.351.8717 to have one shipped to you.)

5. Memories two-page layout kits created for sale at Personal Scrapbook. (There are several of these kits still available at the store.)

6. Travel Memories Shelf set up in our living room. I've used this shelf unit for various things over the years, but I decided to consolidate all our travel scrapbooks here where we can more easily enjoy them. There are a variety of albums sizes including 12x12, 8 1/2 x 11, 6x6, and many more. The small drawer holds several 4x6 and 4x4 mini-albums, and the bottom cabinet holds travel guides.

Moderate Project Completions

7. March 2020 photos & memorabilia processed and all stories scrapbooked.

Intensive Project Completion

Obviously I've accomplished the 20in20 class goal of completing 20 projects in 2020. But I'm certainly not slowing down. It's a huge inspiration boost to be able to look at the list of things I've completed so far this year, and I'm looking forward to many more completions in the coming months.

How are your projects adding up this year?


  1. You've been using your home at time very constructively - great job! I like the idea of having a shelf or shelves designated specifically for travel projects, but we simply don't have the space.

  2. Yeah you - you have been very successful with Stacy's online workshop, although you have always seemed to be very creative/productive. I've seen a few of your projects posted on Stacy's 20in20 F/B page.

  3. As always, your productivity is impressive! I love that travel corner that you've set up!

  4. Well done you. You're making some of us look bad! ;-)


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