Thursday, June 25, 2020

Mantels | Summer 2020

My goal this year is to design a new mantel display each month in a way that will remind us of bits and pieces of our wonderful life...and share those stories here on the blog. However, I left the May display up throughout most of June as well because we really enjoyed showcasing the old cameras.

I composed the new display today (which we'll probably keep up for most of the summer). Since we are focusing on our happy colors in the 20in20 class this month, I added yellow and red items against the green wall.

Have you noticed that my displays are often taller on the left? This corner wall is shorter on the right - you can see the angle of the ceiling in the top of the photo above, so I often "balance" the display to align with the wall. This time I have the tall ruby vase from Robbie's grandparent's 40th anniversary on the left with a tall floral arrangement, balanced on the right by the yellow pitcher vase with a shorter floral arrangement.

I created the white framed pressed flower piece at a free DIY class at our library a few years ago. Robbie had the trio of candle holders when we married, and we set them on top of his Grandy's dessert dishes (turned upside down).

Some red, yellow and white colored pencils are displayed in a holder I picked up at MoMA on my first trip to New York in 2001. The miscellaneous Hot Wheels, the ViewMaster, and the Ronald McDonald and Donald Duck figures came from Robbie's collectibles.

As always, I included a photo of us and a collection of books from our personal library. The yellow books are children's and young adult books, some of which we've had since childhood. The red books represent our faith (hymnal & devotional) and our eclectic reading habits!

Once again, this new display makes me smile ... and that's really the whole point of this FUN creative project each month (or so). What space inside your home makes you smile?


  1. I do like these mantel posts of yours - you've achieved perfect colour and balance with this month's display - lust lovely! :)

  2. Such a very cheerful summer display & I'm sure it will be easy enough to add a few flags for the 4th. I like the idea of using those dessert dishes up side down, umm gives me an idea.

  3. Love the red and yellow; no wonder you find it cheering! And we can all use a bit of that right now.

  4. I like your mantel display; it makes me smile, too. :) I started doing a seasonal mantel display one time, but, didn't keep it up. You've inspired me to try it, again. By the way, I have a set of those candle holders, myself!

  5. Yes, I had noticed that you consider the slant of the ceiling. I am just intrigued by the bits and pieces you had to your mantel each month. Thanks for sharing all the little details with us. I may need to consider a project like this somewhere in my house. The pandemic means I am much more cognizant of all the bits and pieces we've collected over the years that are sitting in our closets.

  6. You really have a knack for creating beautiful mantels. So FUN!!


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