Tuesday, October 6, 2020

No Stress Distress Club

This summer, I signed up for May Flaum's 7-month No Stress Distress Club to learn more about using the Distress Inks I've accumulated over the past couple of years. So far, I've only worked through the first two months of class videos, but I've already learned several techniques that create FUN backgrounds and cards.

Each month May hosts several Facebook live trainings, and I've ended up with numerous backgrounds after following along with her demonstrations.

I've even turned a couple of these practice pieces into greeting cards by either punching out bits or by using the entire background.

There's also a step-by-step tutorial in the classroom each month, so I have two other completed cards.

One of my favorite techniques so far is to dab some distress ink onto a piece of plastic packaging, then drag a card through it to create an artsy background. I've created some of my favorite pieces by adding rub-ons, stickers, and words to these backgrounds.

I'll probably end up creating greeting cards with most of these pieces; however, I used the butterfly one as an embellishment on a recently complete layout.

I'm hoping to spend some time soon catching up with the past two months' material in this class. Are you participating in the No Stress Distress Club? How do you like to use your Distress Inks?


  1. Like you, I have at least a dozen distress inks and they never see the light of day. You've made lovely things with yours - I especially like your artsy backgrounds especially the 'too small' one. Making cards with them is a great idea! I haven't seen this class but will take a look, though I have so many creative projects in my head I am not sure I have room for any more :).

  2. Well it looks like you are well into "distress." ;-)

    I tried with Tim's inks back in the first iteration, and never really liked it - too messy for me. I did eventually sell all my pads, because I tend to collect the colors of things, before I give the first ones a real go. Sad to say distress inks are not the only things in this category.

  3. I typically use Distress Inks for watercolor techniques and ink blending. I like how you used some of your pieces for die cuts and smaller elements on your cards.


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