Monday, November 2, 2020

Miscellaneous Crafting

Although scrapbooking is my primary paper crafting hobby, I enjoy mixing things up with other crafting as well.

I created this little card that reminds us to Bee Happy using a card kit from our local scrapbook store.

These mini canvases that I painted in the heat of August reminded me that fall was on the way! 

When my niece was here this summer, she brought a yummy recipe that we tried and then scrapped for our 6x6 recipe albums.

I also altered a couple of clipboards my sister requested earlier in the year. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the one on the left is a mini-clipboard and the one on the right is letter size.

What miscellaneous crafting have you done lately?


  1. Great projects! I especially like your small canvases. It's something I've never tried.

  2. I really don't care for craft projects. However, my girls are always wanting me to come up with something. We've done the clipboards years ago and added a photo and ephemera to "cute" them up. Years ago, we had a card club going. I still have a couple hundred cards left from that. My passion is still just regular scrapbooking. But, I do have a Christmas craft planned for the family---IF we can actually get together!

  3. Such lovely projects - you're very good at adapting your scrapbooking skills to other avenues! What a neat idea about the clipboards. I have two plain kraft coloured ones here which are crying out for some decoration ...


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