Friday, January 22, 2021

Scrapbooking | A Tribute To Shoes

Shoes can make or break a day, a vacation, a walk in the park. They really make a difference.

The right shoes:
Fit well
Wear well
Travel well
Look great
Make me smile
And do NOT cause blisters!

I remember:
*Pink tennis shoes with yellow socks and my favorite striped denim capris on date nights.
*Yellow Minnie Mouse high tops traipsing through the halls of TJ High.
*Pink high heels dancing at the prom.
*Black lace-up granny boots with pink socks strutting across the stage inside the gym at high school graduation.
*A new pair of white high-top Reebok at the end of each college school year.
*Tan and cream kitten heels peeking out from under a long plaid dress during baccalaureate ceremonies at Lamar University.
*White Go-Go Boots standing on a frozen river as the marriage commissioner pronounced us man and wife.

These days I rarely wear high heels or dressy shoes, but a I love my collection of tennis shoes, converses, short boots, tall boots, and hiking boots. I tend to name my shoes based on when I purchased them or where they’ve traveled with me – there’s my Alaska Hiking Boots, the blue Paris booties, Banff hiking shoes, and, of course, my yellow birthday Converses.

So grateful for good shoes, happy shoes, comfy shoes …. and all these shoe memories!

This year I'm participating in Stacy Julian's Story52 class as inspiration to tell more of our stories! This layout was inspired by Stacy's Week Three layout that used lots of photos and tribute journaling.


  1. The first thing I ever bought with money I earned was a pair of yellow shoes when I was a junior in high school. I've been a shoe fanatic all my life, but I no longer own any yellow shoes. Like you, the primary consideration now is how they feel!

  2. What a great subject and a super page and post! I love this. My mother-in-law (very make-do-and-mend-ish) told me once, when I was thinking about shoe-buying when my children were little and we had no car, told me "There are two things you must never skimp on: a good mattress and comfortable shoes". :)

  3. This is a great page. I saved my daughter's prom shoes when she wanted to toss them. I thought that one day she might want them again. (Besides they were my size too!) ;-)

  4. These days I'm either in my dog-walking boots or wellies (gum boots). :) That's a fun idea for a page!


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