Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday Musings | The Book of Jude

If you want to read an entire book of the Bible quickly, start with the book of Jude. It's only 25 verses long. Yes, that's right, verses, not chapters. 

It's short, but this book packs in several important lessons as Jude writes to Christians and wishes them mercy, peace, and love in multitude.

Jude originally intended to write about salvation; however, he felt he instead needed to write about contending for the faith and warning that false teachers would subtly creep in. 

He goes on to describe the characteristics of false teachers (lack of faith, rebellious, immoral, disobedient, greedy, etc) before reminding his readers to maintain their life with the Lord by learning and studying the truth, praying, abiding in the Lord, and waiting with confidence that we will not be judged for what has been forgiven.

He ends with a praise, giving glory to God.

What are you waiting for? Grab a Bible and read through this meaningful book today!

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  1. Contending for the faith was the topic of our church newsletter this past week - and that certainly entails mercy, peace and love, doesn't it.


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