Tuesday, May 25, 2021

May Every Day | National Photography Month

May Every Day is a series of (almost) daily blog posts for May 2021 sharing days and weeks that we celebrate or observe. Some of these days are well-known holidays while others are more obscure observances, some are celebrated internationally while others are more nationally focused, some are significant while others are just plain FUN!

What better time to focus on your picture taking skills than National Photography Month? This celebration of all things photography was first organized in 1987 by the American Photographers Association. Photography plays a huge role in modern society and it has become easier for everyone to enjoy this hobby with the advent of digital images and smart phone cameras.

Photography allows us to preserve memories, capture the beauty around us, tell stories, share things with others, see changes over time, etc.

With our cameras or smartphones, we can capture the big picture or focus on the details.

We can snap photos quickly to capture a moment or activity, while other times we can carefully compose a shot (and take numerous snaps to get just the right one). If you haven't already done so, be sure to slow down and capture, enjoy and share some photos this month!


  1. I'm good about getting photos regularly, but not as good about using my "big" camera. Actually, the iPhone photos are hard to distinguish between those with the DSL-R but I ought to be out challenging myself! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Beautiful rose bush. My phone doesn't take really great photos, but it's a really old one so it's mostly a phone (lol). I do use both my DSLRs quite a bit along with my Nikon pocket camera.

  3. I find that most of my photos are taken with my iPhone these days - my poor dSLR camera has been somewhat abandoned. Beautiful images of your roses.


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