Monday, September 27, 2021

Book Reviews | Healthy Living

Once again this year, my reading has leaned heavily toward really good fiction. However, as usual, there have been a smattering of healthy living books that I've read as motivation to make healthy choices.

A few were quick reads:
*21 Days to Better Fitness is a thin book that I've had in my personal library for many years that's filled with nuggets of wisdom for healthy living. One of my favorite quotes from this book states that "Reading articles and books on nutrition and exercise is an excellent inducement because it increases your knowledge of fitness and helps you maintain motivation." (You can read other quotes from my previous review HERE.)
*The Mayo Clinic Diet is a practical guide to losing weight by incorporating healthy eating and exercise habits while eliminating bad habits that sabotage progress. It is easy to read and offers recipes and menu suggestions as well as tips for overcoming challenges and obstacles that arise.
*I borrowed my physical therapist's copy of Bulletproof Your Should
er as I continue to strengthen my shoulder after a previous injury and frozen shoulder earlier this year. It was a concise look at the shoulder muscles with specific targeted exercises for the shoulder. (My physical therapist is amazing and I have been following her guidelines and exercises for the past six months and have regained all range of motion and eliminated almost all pain in my shoulder!)

By far, the most informative book I've read has been Master Your Core: A Science-Based Guide to Achieve Peak Performance and Resilience to Injury. This is an extremely dense book in form and content. The book itself (which I received free from TCK Publishing in exchange for an honest review) is a paperback that feels dense when you pick it up; it's well bound and hefty while not being over thick or unwieldy. The material is extremely well-written and easy to read, but it is filled with science facts, medical terms, and a wealth of information that makes it a slow read.

The author, Dr. Bohdanna Zazulak, is passionate about helping each person develop core strength and control in order to avoid injuries, build strength and improve overall health. Her Core BASE System involves Breathing, Awareness, Stability and Empowerment and incorporates an integrative holistic approach that involves mind, body and spirit. Rather than jumping into a list of exercises designed to strengthen the core, Dr. Zaz begins with an explanation of the importance of core strength and the research behind the system she has developed. She then begins with basic breathing exercises and meditation, posture improvement, and finally to lists and charts of exercises designed for maximum core strength and overall health. This was a good read that I'll definitely be referencing again as I work on strengthening my own core.

Do you read healthy living books for motivation to stay on track with your health goals? Which ones have you found most helpful?


  1. I had frozen shoulder many years ago, and PT is definitely required to recover from it--which, fortunately, I did. I like the concepts you list from Master Your Core. I'll look to see if the library has a copy.

  2. Some interesting reading. I also had frozen shoulder & oh the pain going into the frozen stage & oh the pain coming out of the frozen stage. Glad that you found relief with a good P/T. I'd like to get a copy of the Bullet Proof Your Shoulder as I have chronic shoulder pain mostly from a riding injury.

  3. Oddly enough the last one I had that I enjoyed was how to Heal Frozen Shoulder by Dr Karl Knapf. It was great before and after surgery to unfreeze my shoulder. (As Cody says, I’m getting good at the 2 for 1 surgeries/procedures.) Thankfully that period was several years ago though it was just the beginning of autoimmune struggles I didn’t know were coming. I’m getting into some aromatherapy/ ease oils for conditions but the verdict is still out for those.


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