Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Goodbye Summer!

Labor Day weekend always feels like the end of summer to me, despite the fact that it doesn't officially end until September 22. So, as I wave goodbye to summer and end my blogging break today, here's the story of our summer 2021.

As vaccines continued to roll out, most businesses returned to normal operating hours, coronavirus case numbers declined and travel restrictions eased, we were cautiously optimistic as summer began. The month of June was similar to many past years as we enjoyed summer visits from our 11-year-old great-niece Mariah, 16-year-old niece Paige, and 11-year-old great-nephew Andrew. During those visits, we ventured out a bit, still practicing social distancing and wearing masks (not counting the couple of times I took one of the kids ice skating). It was a FUN month (except for those two days without air conditioning as we waited for the repair part to arrive).

Truly hot weather arrived in July, and we were able to escape for a weekend get-away to our favorite bed & breakfast to celebrate my birthday. Our suite was lovely and we enjoyed the Country Gourmet Breakfasts, Artesian Grazing Board, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and Picnic Basket Lunch prepared by our friend Carol, the best innkeeper ever! Robbie had also called ahead and had a dozen roses and specialty birthday cake waiting when we arrived. We were the only guests at the B&B, so we were able to relax in the common areas and at the swimming pool as well. It was a much-needed and enjoyed get-away.

As July came to a close, the number of Delta variant cases began to increase throughout Texas and across the US. August brought news that my step-grandmother passed away from Covid, a flare-up of Robbie's back pain that resulted in several doctor visits, and the decision to cancel our planned trip to Ohio over Labor Day weekend. Honestly, I had a couple of weeks of the doldrums, feeling discouraged that we're still dealing with this pandemic and disappointed that we're not comfortable planning any travel for the foreseeable future. The news of fires and hurricanes and controversy over masks in schools and the rising number of children in ICUs obviously did not help my disposition.

So, we retreated to our habit of staying home except for weekly forays to pick up (curbside) groceries and the occasional library book. The heat (temperatures close to 100 degrees) kept us mostly indoors, but we were able to complete a few projects (cleaning out, decluttering and reorganizing a couple of closets and updating the layouts and display on our Memories shelf) and try some new recipes and watch several great movies. Plus we had a nice lunch and visit with Mama & Daddy this past weekend.

Don't worry - there was also lots of scrapbooking and crafting, the scheduling of Bible journaling classes (all virtual so you're welcome to join in from anywhere), and other bits & pieces that I'll be sharing about in future posts.

Throughout the summer, I've been scrolling blogs & commenting occasionally, but if I've missed anything you think I'll especially enjoy, please share in the comments & I'll pop around.


  1. Well despite things going south on the Covid front, you appear to have done quite a bit within the restrictions. Just look at all those young faces! Those certainly had to raise your spirits. We enjoyed a flurry of activity this summer, although not fully back to normal. I too am back to blogging after an extended break. I think it will be good to blog during the upcoming months when we may be staying home a lot more than we had hoped. And of course, I'll enjoy popping round to see what you and Robbie are doing.

  2. In spite of several set backs, it does look like you had mostly a good summer with visits from family & a birthday adventure. Sorry to hear Robbie's back is playing up - must be something in the air as Mr Man is also having back woes. COVID & Mother Nature are definitely not done with their lessons to us. My ladies bible study group starts up in 2 weeks & thankfully they have decided we need to do virtually again, so I don't have to fret about not attending in person.

  3. Looks like you've had a pretty good summer. I think we're all pretty much in the same boat. We had two lovely weeks with Sarah and her family - one here and one at a cottage in Michigan. But throughout it all we were masked, keeping social distance, and being extremely careful since none of our grandchildren are old enough to be vaccinate. I must admit it's discouraging.

  4. The Delta variant combined with people behaving as though COVID has gone away has made for continued difficult times, but it does sound as though you and Robbie were able to enjoy a good summer, all told.
    I hope Robbie's back is behaving itself again and not causing too much pain.


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