Wednesday, November 3, 2021


It's my AUNTiversary!

Thirty-five years ago today, I became an aunt for the first time. As a senior in high school, I really didn't understand how that new title would change my life. I now have three nephews (& a niece-in-law), four nieces, a great-nephew, and four great-nieces.

Several years ago, I posted some reflections On Being An Aunt and a few years later shared about A New Season of Life as the summer visits waned and many of our interactions came through technology. Although our times together ebb and flow over the years, I truly love spending time with all the nieces, nephews and greats! Oh the places we’ve been … and the places still to go!


  1. And you are a great example of being a good auntie. All the nieces & nephews are quite fortunate to have you as part of their lives.

  2. Congratulations on your AUNTiversary! I'm a little over 10 years behind you - my favourite time has been/is when we snuggle up for me to read to them.

  3. They are all blessed to have you as an aunt! Love that wonderful collage of photos!


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