Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking

I'm beginning to learn how to create digital scrapbook pages using Photoshop Elements 7. I created this page yesterday.
Papers from JessicaSprague.com Holidays In Hand Class
Free Page Template from Jen Caputo
It's pretty amazing what all you can do with digital scapbooking, but I think for me traditional paper scrappin' is a lot more fun and rewarding. There's just something about cutting and gluing and punching and stamping and cropping that reminds me of being in elementary school creating something new. And then I have that tangible creation to put in my scrapbook. Of course, I can print my digital pages out, too. I don't have a wide format printer, but I can either print the page out as an 8x8 or upload it to Shutterfly and order a 12x12. Since I'll be making several digital pages over the next two weeks in the Type+Writer class I'm taking, I'm thinking I'll wait until I've finished all those then order the pages I create and see how I like them.

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