Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mama & Daddy

My parents are the type of people who are always there when you need them. A couple of weeks ago, Daddy was here cutting down two bushes in our front yard and I snapped a couple of pictures. This reminded me of all the things he's done to help us over the past several years and I created this scrapbook page about him.

Here's the list in the journal box since it's too small to read:
*to help fix the roof
*to drive the U-Haul
*to cut down your bushes
*to fix the sprinkler system
*to push over your dead tree
*to borrow some black socks
*to build a floor for your shed
*to paint the walls in your new home
*to install new phone jacks in every room
*to help you move from one city to another
*to talk you through installing a LAN connection
*to move the desk, again and again and again...

Then, I went out to look for a new dress the other day and was reminded once again that I really don't like dress styles right now! What's wrong with putting a sleeve and a little bit longer skirt on a dress anyway? This got me to thinking about all my favorite dresses over the years and how they were made by Mama. And of course that's not all she's sewn for me over the years - there are the quilts, the afghans, the bunnies, the pillowcases, etc. So, I created this page about Mama's sewing. The poem reads: Mama loves me, this I know, because for me she will sew, sew, sew.

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