Wednesday, April 21, 2010

121 Scrapbook Pages Created So Far This Year!

Yes, it's true, so far this year I have created 121 scrapbook pages . . . and I am having so much fun! Over the past four months, I have been scraplifting ideas from magazines and books and have taken four online courses. Here's a rundown of what those pages are:

12 pages - our 2009 London trip, these pages were added to our Travels Abroad theme album. I found this great Creative Memories London paper at our local scrapbooking store. I used these two background papers for each two-page spread.

12 pages - a title page & a dedication page for each of my new LOM category albums. I scraplifted this layout design from another student in the online LOM workshop. (Thanks midwestgirl!)

54 pages - a new scrapbook of my school years (K-12). [I finally took apart the old scrapbook Mama made for me as I was growing up since it was falling apart. I separated out the school stuff and the family stuff, then created an album with just the school stuff. I had taken photos of the old scrapbook and included some of the photos of various pages in the new book.] I used a pre-made album that Robbie picked up for me at Hallmark several years ago. Since the album didn't have nearly enough pages, I created "matching" pages to add to the book.

38 pages - traditional scrapbook pages of events and connections pages that will go in my new LOM category albums. These range from a heritage page with an old professional photo of my Papa to a two-page spread about our recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. I scraplifted this page layout from Becky Higgins' Family History Scrapbooking book which has tons of great layouts plus quite a few extra page sketches.

5 pages - my very first digital scrapbook pages. I printed the first page (below) as an 8x8 and mounted it on a 12x12 sheet. The digital page was created using a free template and class at I have two more digital pages that I'm working on and then I will get the other pages printed and put them in my LOM category albums.

Now, I'm off to work on my new project - a mini album that I'm going to title "Games We Play."

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  1. Hey! I'm midwestgirl and you are welcome! Congrats on starting this great blog and scrapping so many wonderful pages! I've really enjoyed reading your posts.


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