Thursday, April 8, 2010

Closet #2 - Decluttering/Organizing

Decided that the second of my five closets I would declutter and organize would be the master bedroom closet. I chose this one next simply because it was almost done already! This is our most frequently used closet, so I tend to do a little straightening every time I hang up clean clothes or put away shoes. It stays fairly organized since everything has a place and the only items in the closet are those that "belong" there: clothes, shoes, hats, purses, belts, hair accessories, coats, and the laundry baskets. I actually worked on this closet early in February, so all that I needed to do today was straighten a little bit and then organize and declutter the shelf that runs around the top of the closet on three sides. It went fairly quickly as it was mostly straightening up. I did declutter two pair of shoes which I have set aside to go to our local donation center and one bag of hair accessories which I have set aside for my sister and nieces next time I see them.

Two closets down - Three to go! The tough part comes now - deciding which of the other three closets to tackle next! Like Scarlett though, I'll think about that tomorrow and will work on some scrapbooking for the rest of today.

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