Sunday, April 4, 2010



Happy Easter Everyone! May your day be filled with God's blessings.

We exchanged Easter baskets Friday evening. Robbie spent part of his lunch hour shopping for my Easter goodies, and he just couldn't wait to give them to me. (I absolutely love this about him! Anytime he gets me a gift, he is always so anxious to give it to me!) My basket was filled with a few chocolates and a ton of scrapbooking goodies - stickers, brads, ribbon, sander, chalks, sponges, and alphabet stacks. Robbie's basket was filled with a couple of chocolates, the latest TV Guide that contained a Sci-Fi preview, lots of trading cards, and a few fun toys.

We also did something we have never done in our eight years of marriage - dyed Easter eggs. It seems almost impossible but somehow we have missed this tradition every year. One year we were traveling to visit Robbie's parents, one year we were traveling to visit my family, one year we were in the midst of a move and everything was packed up, and I guess the other years we were just too busy or didn't get inspired. So, this was THE year that we began this tradition!

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