Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday Flowers

I've been wanting to scrap this story about my Monday Flowers for a while now, and this week's assignment in the Textuality workshop was perfect for it! The text is copied into a frame that the workshop teacher, Amy Sorenson, provided as a text frame in a Word document.

For those of you who don't want to read upside down, here's what the text says:

Robbie began sending me flowers the first Monday after we met. The first bouquet was delivered to my job at Lamar State College. Every week a new arrangement was delivered by Garrison’s Florist. After we married, my flowers were delivered or brought home by Robbie every Monday until we moved to Lufkin and I began teaching full-time. I asked Robbie that my flowers arrive later in the week so that I could enjoy their freshness over the weekend. When we moved to Allen and I had the luxury of staying at home again, the flowers once again began to show up on Mondays. AND THEY STILL DO, every week!

Why Do I Still Get Flowers Every Monday? One weekend in October while we were dating, I visited Robbie in Rockwall. We attended the morning worship service at LakePointe Church. The pastor’s message was about marriage, and one point that he made was that men should continue to court their wives even after marriage by doing some of the things they had done during the time they dated their wives. I wrote Robbie a note (jokingly) that he should always send me flowers on Monday, even after we were married, according to the pastor. And that’s exactly what happened!

The first time I went out of town without Robbie after we married, I arrived at my hotel room to find a beautiful bouquet sitting on the dresser - Robbie had ordered flowers to be delivered for me to enjoy while I was away on a girl’s out weekend. This tradition has continued and I have received flowers at Mama’s house when I was visiting, in numerous places throughout the state of Texas (including a remote church campground!). I even found flowers waiting for me twice in New York City. I usually end up having to relate the story of why I received the flowers, and everyone loves the story.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day are other days that I often receive flowers. Robbie always plans something special for my birthday and whenever we arrive, be it at a restaurant or bed-and-breakfast, my flowers have already been delivered and are waiting for me to enjoy them. And sometimes I get flowers just because Robbie wants to send me a special note. Like on my first day of a new job – a beautiful bouquet will arrive at my office or classroom. If I’ve been sick or have been having a particularly difficult time or am feeling unsure about something or we’ve just moved into a new house, I receive flowers.

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  1. Oh that is SO sweet and romantic and just plain WONDERFUL!
    Great, great story and what a great way to document it too - I can remember writing stories round and round on the covers of jotters at school - should probably have been paying more attention :P


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