Friday, April 16, 2010

What is Scrapbooking?

I love this quote by Stacy Julian from the Library of Memories class at

"Scrapbooking is anything you do with pictures and words, to honor a moment in time."
This means that even this blog post is a form of scrapbooking because I am sharing my photos and words!

Here is a scrapbook page I completed this week. I am creating different sized pages just based on what inspires me. This page is 6x12 and will eventually go in our "Melissa" scrapbook for pages about me before Robbie and I met.

This next page is an 8 1/2 x 11. I have a ton of photos from our visit to the zoo when Pun'kin was here for her spring break visit, but this is one of my absolute favorites. This page will go in our "People We Love" album. Eventually I'll probably also scrap some of the other photos from our day at the zoo for our "Places We've Been" album.

And this last page is a 12x12. These aren't even actually pictures I took but ones that my sister shared from her lesson teaching my twin nieces the letter "L". They were such fun pictures that I couldn't resist creating this page. This page will also go in our "People We Love" album.

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  1. Just stopped by to check out your blog after the online LOM chat! Thanks for sharing your blog.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!