Monday, May 3, 2010


I am trying once again this month to get back on a regular exercise routine. I started the year off great, probably because I was taking Lisa Cohen's Wellness Journey workshop at BPS. The weekly course materials and daily check-in with other classmates kept me motivated to exercise and eat healthy. I even tried some different exercises and new foods. But my motivation has gradually waned as the year has gone on. (In January I exercised 21 days, 11 days in February, 8 days in March, and 2 [TWO!] days in April.) And I'm starting to not feel as well or have as much energy.

I know the best way to feel good and stay energized is to take care of myself by eating healthy, exercising regularly, spending quiet time with the Lord, and nurturing the important relationships in my life. I'm doing great on the last two, but those first two need some work! Starting today!

Robbie and I walked for 20 minutes this morning (1.2 miles). We're not going to win any marathons, but it felt great to get out and walk in the beautiful sunshine with the man I love. This afternoon I completed a 30 minute strength training routine. Since I'm basically starting over with this routine after not working at it the last couple of months, I used the 10-pound weights. I was able to complete the entire routine, however it will be a little while before I can move up to the 12-pound weights again. But hopefully before too very long, I'll be dusting off those 15 pounders again!

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  1. Ok, so you have me beat, but just so you know I started walking myself about 3 weeks ago. I do 1.7 miles 4 days a week. But as far as the strength training I get all that I can handle picking up the twins. And at 5 years of age its a challenge to pick them both up at the same time.


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