Friday, May 14, 2010

Texas Road Trip Highlights

We have been busy traveling lately. Here are a few highlights from our Texas road trip. In Waco, we visited the Texas Rangers Museum. This is not a museum about the baseball team but rather about the oldest law enforcement agency in Texas, created back in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin. Robbie really enjoyed seeing all the old guns that were on display, including one of the guns used when the notorious Bonnie and Clyde were killed.

Then it was on to the Dr. Pepper Museum which was the first building dedicated to the manufacture of Dr. Pepper. It was interesting to see all the various Dr. Pepper bottles, cans, advertisements, slogans, and manufacturing equipment. There was an interesting exhibit about Foots Clements who rose from a route salesman to CEO of the Dr. Pepper company.

Of course, being a drinker of only The Real Thing, I was delighted to see this sign in the museum.

Then it was on to Corpus Christi where we spent a day touring the USS Lexington, a World War II aircraft carrier. We had a lot of fun climbing up and down the narrow ladderlike stairways checking out all the decks and the aircraft displayed on the flight and hangar decks. And despite the extremely windy conditions, we ventured out to have our photo taken on the gangplank!

We also visited the Texas State Aquarium  in Corpus Christi where we were able to view over 250 species of aquatic animals. We were both fascinated to watch the jelly fish "swim." We had our photo taken on the observation deck at the Aquarium with the USS Lexington in the background.

A couple of the highlights of our visit to the aquarium where the Wild Flight show and the Dolphin Training show.

And, of course, we went to the beach - the Padre Island National Seashore - and spent an afternoon enjoying the partly cloudy day, watching scores of birds fly overhead, reading, relaxing, and walking along the seashore.

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