Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This Old Map

Created a new layout today based on this week's Dig Into Your Drawers challenge in the Textuality workshop. The challenge was to create a layout using the following items: Black alphabet stickers, Blue cardstock or patterned paper, Something silver, Something made in WordArt, A pen specifically for handwritten journaling! Here's my layout:

Cardstock (Bazille), Patterned Paper (unknown), Letter
Stickers (unknown), Chalk Ink (ColorBox), Heart Charms
(unknown), Fonts (SS Simple Slab, Broadway,
WordArt in Times New Roman), Pen (Zig).

The journaling reads: On April 1, 2004, Robbie was between jobs and we decided to play an April Fool’s joke on Mama (who has gotten me good a few times over the years). We called her up and told her that Robbie had been offered a job in California. She did not speak for several seconds and then squeaked out “you . . can’t . . move . . that . . far . . away.” She was in tears. I quickly started laughing and said “April Fool’s,” but the damage was done. Just those few minutes thinking about me being so far away made Mama physically ill. I even had to call Brenda (who lived next door to Mama and Daddy at the time) to go over and check on Mama. Later Brenda called and said “DON”T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!” That evening Daddy called and said “DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!” Of course, they were laughing as they said it. It was the best April Fool’s joke we’ve ever played on Mama - we still laugh about it every April Fool’s Day. So, how does THIS OLD MAP come into play? Well, a few weeks later we went down to visit the family. Daddy brought out a wooden frame with this map in it, handed it to Robbie, and said “Son, here’s a map of the places we can drive to in a day. If you take our daughter outside of this area, I’ll have to shoot you.” We all laughed and laughed. The only map Daddy could find when he thought of this gift/joke was an old one that was already highlighted for a previous trip Mama had taken, so those lines are still there and even though the map was cut a little crooked and in an old used frame when we received it, I still truly cherish THIS OLD MAP!

I keep this map to remember how much fun we have playing jokes on each other and also how important it is to my parents to be able to visit us regularly.

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