Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Tuesday is my errand day. I usually have several errands to do, always culminating in buying groceries. I really don't like to shop (except maybe at scrapbooking stores), and I think grocery shopping is probably my least favorite of all. Maybe it's because it has to be done, at least it has to if we want to eat around here. Two things have happened this week that have caused me to decide it is time for me to get a new attitude about grocery shopping.

First, my devotional for this past Tuesday, June 8, started with Colossions 3:23-24 which says that we should "work at everything heartily, as for the Lord." Then in the following short discussion, one sentence jumped out at me. It reads: "He wants you to enjoy going to the grocery store." Really! It says that in my devotional. I have used this same devotional book, Starting Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer, for the last five years (although I'm not always good about reading it every day) and have not really felt anything particularly significant about that statement. However, just a short time before I read it this past Tuesday, I had commented to Robbie about dreading going to the grocery store. Wow, what an attitude changer to think of it as going grocery shopping for the Lord instead of a dreaded chore!

Second, today I began a once-a-week volunteer time at our local food pantry. I spent three hours helping stock shelves and assisting the "customers" choose items for their families. I met people who were excited to have the chance to choose from several different items, and everyone who received assistance there today was very appreciative. It certainly reminded me of how blessed we are that I can go to the huge Kroger just down the road from us and pick out all that we need and an awful lot of what we want, too.

Next time I need to go grocery shopping, I will remind myself that all that I do is for the Lord and because of His blessings I can choose the store I shop at and which foods I buy. God is Good!!!

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