Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love My Expedition

In a few weeks, my red Ford Expedition will be 8 years old - and I still love it! It is the first "big" car I've ever owned. I had a Honda Accord when Robbie and I got married (and for the 12 years before that), so getting the Expedition was a huge change. However, it is perfect for driving in Dallas traffic and for traveling since we like to pack pretty much everything (and even hauled a kitchen sink once!). Shortly after we got it, we started calling it the "honkin' truck" because it was so much bigger than our previous vehicles. I believe it's the first vehicle I've ever owned that's had a nickname.

We have traveled all over Texas in our honkin' truck, loaded it down numerous times when we've moved (ourselves, Trey, Mom, Mama & Daddy, etc), hauled trikes, bicycles,suitcases, and stuffed animals when my nieces come from their spring break and summer visits (it is probably quite comical to watch me and Brenda transfer everything from her van to the Expedition, especially since Pun'kin's bike is now a 12-speed and there are two of everything when the twins come), and taken road trips to Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Ohio - even pulled a U-Haul trailer all the way home from Ohio! So, yesterday I decided it was time to do a layout about this "member" of our family. had a challenge to create a layout using letters stickers, which I have no shortage of. I used red letter stickers for the title. It's hard to see in this photo of the layout, but all the white spaces have white letter stickers that spell out words related to the layout - 2003, red, drive, honkin' truck, travel, in town, road trip, highway, fun. I combined photos from over the years for this layout, one of the many things I have started doing after taking the Library of Memories workshop. These photos are from 2002, 2004 and 2010.

I just love my honkin' truck and can't wait to see where it takes us next!

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