Sunday, June 27, 2010

May 2010 Texas Road Trip - The Food

One of the great things about road trips is the food - trying out new restaurants and new culinary delights. On our recent road trip, we ate a tremendous variety of food, everything from a drive-through meal at Taco Bell to a four-course dinner at a luxury restaurant. I took photos of some of the foods and often had our waitress/ waiter take a photo of us at the table.

I'm currently taking the Camp Scrap Workshop that started this week at As is often the case, there was a pre-class handout with information about the class and a pre-class layout idea. For this workshop, the teacher, May Flaum, provided us with a color palette from Stacy Julian and challenged us to create a layout using those colors. Stacy's color palette was inspired by a hamburger! Here's the hamburger color palette and the papers I chose from my stash.

I flipped through my storage binders looking for photos that would go with these colors, and then I had an inspiration. What about doing the layout about food? The inspiration came from a food after all. I ended up creating this layout with photos of various foods from our road trip.

If just looking at those photos doesn't make you hungry, here are some of the best meals and restaurants we discovered along our 1,300 mile road trip from North Texas to the Gulf Coast and back up through the Hill Country.

Elite Circle Grill - Waco
Excellent Chicken Club sandwich!

The breakfasts here were wonderful. We especially enjoyed owners Dana & Retha Strickland's Fruit Filled Ladder Loaf, a dessert like pastry filled with cream cheese and fruit.

Buzzard Billy's - Waco
Best appetizer - humongous cheesesticks. Literally, these cheese sticks were huge!! There were actually four of them (I didn't think to take a picture until we had already gobbled down the first two).

Pier 99 - Corpus Christi
Shrimp Bonanza - a huge platter of food that included "Hoss size jumbo shrimp, sauteed shrimp, blackened shrimp, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, cole slaw, cob corn, new potatoes & toasted french bread!" The best place to eat seafood - sitting on the patio with the beach literally on the other side of the wall.

Snoopy's - Padre Island
We had to try this eatery as it came highly recommended by our friend Felton: he and Elaine and their family used to eat here every time they traveled to this area of the Gulf Coast. The best fried fish ever!

Lula's Mexican Cafe - a brand new location just outside San Antonio in Windcrest. Great Mexican food, happy yellow walls, colorful artwork, and friendly service!

Hill Country Cupboard - Johnson City
All their advertisements claim they have the "World's Best Chicken Fried Steak (nearly 3 dozen sold)," so, of course, we tried it. Delicious! We also tried ONE fried tomato. The waitress gave us a funny look when we asked if we could just try one instead of ordering the appetizer, but we didn't want to waste a whole plate of tomatoes if we didn't like them. Turns out we should have had the full order, it was yummy. Loved their menus pasted onto paper bags!

Auslander - Fredericksburg
Great food, friendly service, and scrumptuous German chocolate cake.

And then there was the four course dinner at Rose Hill Manor. [Check back for a future post with the details and photos from that memorable evening.]

I hope if any of you are traveling in Texas this summer you'll take time to stop and enjoy a nice meal at one these great eateries - and let me know what you think! Or better yet, leave a comment and let me know about a great restaurant in your area or one you discovered while you were traveling. Who knows when we'll be on the road (or in the air) again and might need a great meal!

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  1. Did you see the Mammoths is Waco?? They hadn't opened the exhibit when we were down there in November.


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