Monday, June 14, 2010

New Free Online Class

I am so excited about an email I received this morning - it announced that Jessica Sprague is offering another free class at The first online scrapbooking class I took a couple of years ago was a free class offered by Jessica Sprague called Stories in Hand. It was a phenomenal class designed to help scrapbookers remember and record the stories of their lives. We also created a scrapbook/notebook to keep these stories in and received quite a few digital downloads. Last year she offered another free class called Holidays in Hand which I took and created (well, mine's not completed yet) a scrapbook about the 2009 holiday season. These classes were really my introduction to online classes, and now I am almost always enrolled in one or two online classes.

If you are interested in seeing what it's all about, click here to link to more information about the free class. 

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