Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last week I created a scrapbook page about snow, and I am very pleased with it. However, after I completed it, I found a roll of ribbon that would have been perfect on that layout. I didn't find this perfect ribbon at the local scrapbook store or a garage sale or even in someone else's scraproom - I found it in my own stash!!! Ribbon has become one of my favorite embellishments for scrapbooking, and I have assembled a pretty good size collection. So, yesterday I decided it was time to straighten up my ribbon drawers since they had become rather disorganized and I was having trouble opening one of the drawers (and seeing what I had obviously). First, I moved my ziploc bags of lace to a different container - they were taking up too much space and I don't use lace as often as I do ribbon. I have this plastic three-drawer unit that I use to store my ribbons and fibers. It sits to the right of my craft table, within easy reach.

The two bottom drawers hold new or partially used ribbon still on the roll. I'm excited that I was able to get all these to fit so that I can see what I have when I pull out the drawer. (That nice shiny blue roll near the back of the drawer on the right is the one I would have used on the snow layout!)

The top drawer holds my pieces of ribbons sorted by color in ziploc bags. I also have fibers here by color and a few ziplocs hold theme ribbon (patriotic, Christmas, Easter, etc).

While I was getting these drawers back in shape, I was inspired and created this layout using eight different ribbons from my stash. I then added an embellishment cluster using Prima & BoBunny flowers, brads, a Tim Holtz frame, a Jenni Bowin butterfly, and a couple of stickers. Creating these embellishment clusters is one of the techniques I've learned in the Dimensional Details workshop offered at

And by the way, here's the snow layout. I completed this layout as one of the assignments in the Dimensional Details class. I used my Stampin' Up snowflake stamps to create my own patterned paper, then used white eyelets, a square paperclip, glittery snowflakes, brads, a border swirl, and stickers for the embellishment clusters.

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