Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 Things I Love About Road Trips

1. Luggage - no weight limit and no fee for extra bags. I can pack as many suitcases, bags, ice chests and miscellaneous items as needed; the only limitation is the size of my vehicle!

2. Snacks - carry what we like and eat when we want.

3. Audio Books - entertainment for those long stretches of highway.

4. Eating Out - enjoying new restaurants that offer regional specialities.

5. Eating In - discovering that there's a delivery service that will deliver from almost any local restaurant. Not much beats good food delivered right to your hotel room after nine hours on the road.

6. Photos - anytime. We can pull over to the side of the road and take photos anytime.

7. Scenery - the changes in topography from state to state and country to country are fascinating.

8. "Interesting Places Just a Quarter Mile Off the Road" - this is one of our favorite phrases when driving anywhere. You just never know when there might be a unique store, vegetable stand, or historical site that warrants a visit along the way.

9. Laughter - truly is the best medicine! (Yes, it is possible to kiss and laugh at the same time if your cousin keeps you posing long enough before finally snapping the photo!)

10. Time Together - quality and quantity! Whether we are on the road, relaxing at the hotel or resort, sightseeing, shopping, or strolling along a scenic trail, we are enjoying our time together and creating memories (which will need to be scrapped when we return home, of course!).


  1. Hi Melissa- I'm in Camp Scrap and found your blog there. I just had to write to say how similar I am about road trips. Aside from the convenience of being in my own car, it is an amazing thing to see our country from the road and stop for pictures any time. Hope you're enjoying a great road trip this summer!

  2. Great post! Road trips are the best way to relax. My favorite reason is #1. The last time we flew somewhere it was such a hassle to remember the airline restrictions on luggage!

  3. Beautiful photos!! You are making me want to hit the road!


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