Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Perspective Layout, Story Cards & Inspiration

During the LOM workshop earlier this year, I put together supplies to create Story Cards - index cards, punched tabs, pens, stapler. These supplies allow me to quickly and easily jot down an idea for a layout or story I want to scrap. I created a few Story Cards during the workshop, ideas for layouts that I wanted to create eventually. One of those cards I titled Perspective and listed four photos that I wanted to use. I then filed the card away in my Category Drawers.

This week as I scrolled back through the Inspiration Emails from the Dimensional Details workshop, I came across a layout that inspired me. I printed the email and pulled my Story Card along with the photos I had listed. I then flipped through my storage binders to see if there were any additional photos that would go along with this theme.

With these two items on my craft table, I began pulling supplies for a layout - kraft cardstock, patterned paper scraps, ribbon, buttons, etc. The result is this layout.

This is the first time I've actually created a layout based on an idea from one of my Story Cards. It is a great way to keep track of layout ideas and easy to pull when I have some time to create! I have a few layout ideas that I've scribbled down in a journal: I think today I will create Story Cards for those ideas and file them in my Category Drawers.

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  1. Love the colors, the notebook style paper, and is that red mesh I spy? I have a boatload of that stuff that needs to be used! Great layout!


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