Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunflowers & Saturday

Those of you who have known me for more than, say two minutes or so, know that my favorite color is yellow. I personally think yellow is the happiest color in the rainbow! Just for fun, I created a layout today honoring my this sunshiny color. I scraplifted the idea for this layout from another class member (luv2create) in the Dimensional Details Workshop. She had posted a layout in the Pre-Class DD gallery back in March using yellows and grays to highlight a photo of her great-niece with a bunch of sunflowers. I loved the color scheme and used it and the pre-class assignment directions to inspire this layout.

Thinking about color, I am re-organizing my scrapbook supplies by color. I've had most of my supplies organized by type (brads, flowers, ribbon, eyelets, photo corners, lace, sticker letters, etc) and then by color within each category. However, I have been watching Stacy Julian's Scrap by Color videos showing how she organizes her supplies in bins by color. I've noticed that when I reach for a supply, brads for example, I am specifically looking not just for a brad, but for a RED brad (or whatever color). Then I'll pull some RED ribbon, etc. I'm about halfway through re-organizing my supplies and hope to post some photos and details for y'all sometime next week.


  1. I could tell by your profile picture that yellow is a favorite color! :) Very nice layout. I love yellow, too. It is so fresh and cheerful. Looking forward to seeing your supplies reorganized - I love that kind of stuff!

  2. Nice layout - will make everybody smile, I think. I've been watching Stacy's videos too. But I don't search by color, I search by type of thing - and I think I make better embellishment choices this way because I don't rule out things prematurely. Besides as much work as it was to organize my studio the first time around, I couldn't stand to redo it. Isn't it fun that we all work in our own way - and still enjoy the same hobby.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!